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Bowls Score

Ashley Kitson

Record and present the results of a game. Unlimited ends.

Record your progress in a game. Record how many bowls were ‘close’ to the jack, and how many ended up scoring. Closeness is dependent on you and your skill level. Could be anything within 1 metre, 1/2 metre, centimetres!

Preferences features an ‘Auto Score’ setting. Turning this on is particularly useful in Game mode as it means you only have to record the increase in score for the end winning team. The ‘Auto save seconds’ can be set to anything between 1 and 15 seconds. When you enter the score and after the specified time, the ends will be incremented and the end result saved.

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app screenshot
app screenshot


You can install this directly from the source code using the Fyne command as follows:
go install fyne get
Or you can download the code directly from git:
git clone