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EcNotes starts as a hobby project to get away some ‘rust’ from my golang programming while developing something useful. Through the years I’ve always been struggling to find a simple tool to store my passwords and other sensitive information that meets the following requirements:

  • must be multiplatform: run on desktop and mobile as well
  • must be locally installed as a standalone GUI application: I don’t want to rely on some third party-internet software or browser extension
  • must be able to sync encrypted data to some cloud storage/db services as an optional feature: this is required if I want to use the app on different systems/devices and retain all my data
  • must give me the ownership of my data: I want to be able to generate my own encryption key/s locally, save them where I want and storing or syncing with cloud services only encrypted content. meaning, the only time where my data are in clear text is inside the application and only for the piece of data I am actually accessing (single note)
  • would be nice if it allows to choose between different encryption algorithms
  • would be nice if it allows to manage external (public) keys or generate ‘shared keys’**: this would allow to exchange encrypted notes/messages with other people by using e2e encryption, without having to trust third parties.
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You can install this directly from the source code using the Fyne command as follows:
go get ​ fyne get
Or you can download the code directly from git:
git clone