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Fyne OpenSnitch

Luca Corbo

An OpenSnitch UI in Go using Fyne

The application is running as a gRPC server on a unix socket and will interact with OpenSnitch daemon.


UI Configuration

By default the UI will load its configuration from ~/.opensnitch/ui-config.json (customizable with the --config argument), the default contents of this file are:

    "default_timeout": 15,
    "default_action": "allow",
    "default_duration": "until restart",

The default_timeout is the number of seconds after which the UI will take its default action, the default_action can be allow or deny and the default_duration, which indicates for how long the default action should be taken, can be once, until restart or always to persist the action as a new rule on disk. default_operand indicates the operand type to use for the rule, can be process.path (the path of the executable),, dest.ip, or dest.port.

For more details about rules please refer to the opensnitch readme.

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You can install this directly from the source code using the Fyne command as follows:
go install fyne get
Or you can download the code directly from git:
git clone