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productivity Feb 23, 2022

A simple utility application to quickly archive URLs with an existing ArchiveBox instance in the background and without interrupting your current work.

productivity Jul 4, 2022

A free easy to use cross plattform upload tool for pixeldrain.com.

productivity Jan 4, 2022

EdgeVPN gui

productivity Jul 26, 2021

A cross-platform multi-server chat client

productivity Dec 28, 2021

A Pomodo Widget to help you focus

productivity Sep 18, 2022

GoShell is a simple terminal GUI client, written in Go,via Fyne. Supports SSH、Docker、K8S.

productivity Feb 25, 2021

A simple notes app using Fyne

productivity Jun 10, 2021

Lightweight single-site browser generator using Webview or Chrome/Chromium.

productivity Jul 15, 2022


productivity Apr 12, 2021

A task list app with color coding for time remaining

productivity Oct 25, 2021

An app to make a fast, searchable, in memory set of lists

productivity Jan 9, 2022

Highly extensible, customizable application launcher