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Welcome to Fyne Apps - Latest Additions

A listing of apps built using Fyne that you can download on run on your Windows, macOS, Linux or BSD computer as well as iOS and Android mobile devices.

This page shows the latest additions to the listing, you can also see all the apps to find your favourite.

utility Jan 20, 2022

Command runner with translation, calc, currency and unit conversion.

productivity Jan 9, 2022

Highly extensible, customizable application launcher

productivity Jan 4, 2022

EdgeVPN gui

productivity Dec 28, 2021

A Pomodo Widget to help you focus


utility Dec 13, 2021

Manage your passwords and identities securely

productivity Oct 25, 2021

An app to make a fast, searchable, in memory set of lists

productivity Jul 26, 2021

A cross-platform multi-server chat client

utility Jul 26, 2021

A remote terminal over SSH using Fyne.

utility Jul 25, 2021


utility Jul 19, 2021

Send and receive files without configuration.

utility Jul 16, 2021

One word at a time.


operatingsystems Jul 8, 2021

A Fyne login manager for linux desktop computers