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A listing of apps built using Fyne that you can download on run on your Windows, macOS, Linux or BSD computer as well as iOS and Android mobile devices.

This page shows the latest additions to the listing, you can also see all the apps to find your favourite.

utility May 30, 2022

Newlock is a password generator

utility Apr 29, 2022

Cast your media files to UPnP/DLNA MediaRenderer

utility Apr 19, 2022

a desktop software based on Fyne

games Apr 19, 2022

Another Wordle clone

utility Apr 19, 2022

A fast very angry ping scanner that shows recently added/removed IP addresses

utility Apr 19, 2022

a better way to keep your decentralize keys, write the key to a png/jpg image

utility Mar 16, 2022

A Target Tracking , NoteTaking , CheckLists and Data Management GUI App for Bug Hunter's and Pentesters.

utility Mar 11, 2022

PC-INFO is a tool that gathers information of your system components.

utility Mar 11, 2022

globaldce is a blockchain based experimental decentralized collaboration environnement

utility Mar 7, 2022

Multi-platform gui app to store and manage encrypted notes. It can be used to store sensitive information such as passwords and crypto keys

utility Mar 6, 2022

Cross-platform application for easy encrypted file, folder, and text sharing between devices.

productivity Feb 23, 2022

A simple utility application to quickly archive URLs with an existing ArchiveBox instance in the background and without interrupting your current work.