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A listing of all open source apps built using Fyne (that have been announced). You can download on run on your Windows, macOS, Linux or BSD computer as well as iOS and Android mobile devices.

utility Jul 25, 2021


utility Dec 18, 2020

A friendly way to take backups for your important files

entertainment Mar 17, 2019

A BBC Micro Emulator based on Fyne and skx/gobasic

utility Oct 4, 2018

A calculator app

utility Jul 19, 2021

Send and receive files without configuration.

utility Jun 23, 2021

A GUI for croc, a peer-to-peer file transfer program.

medical Jul 13, 2019

A DICOM image viewer and utilities


operatingsystems Jul 8, 2021

A Fyne login manager for linux desktop computers

productivity Jul 26, 2021

A cross-platform multi-server chat client

utility Dec 22, 2020

The app browse and install utility.

utility May 13, 2019

An OpenSnitch UI in Go using Fyne

utility Jun 7, 2020

Configuration for all Fyne apps

operatingsystems Jul 8, 2021

A full desktop environment for Linux/Unix using Fyne

games Mar 10, 2019

A Fyne based interface for desktop and mobile

games May 26, 2021

A clone of the popular game "Minesweeper".

utility Apr 8, 2021

A Fyne based terminal emulator

utility Jul 8, 2021

Cast your videos to UPnP/DLNA MediaRenderer

development Oct 13, 2020

A Golang For Redis Desktop Manager

utility Mar 28, 2021

A system hosts file editing tool.

utility Jul 5, 2021

A screenshotting, annotating and sharing program in Go

finance Dec 22, 2020

GUI wallet of blockchain. govm wallet.

graphics Dec 23, 2020

A simple image viewer with some editing functionality.

entertainment Jan 2, 2021

A cross platform GUI for playing musical instruments

entertainment Dec 21, 2020

A Conway's Game of Life simulation

productivity Feb 25, 2021

A simple notes app using Fyne

productivity Jun 10, 2021

Lightweight single-site browser generator using Webview or Chrome/Chromium.

graphics Feb 19, 2020

A pixel based image editor built using Fyne.

utility Jan 31, 2021

Secure, Private, Storage.

entertainment Dec 18, 2020

A Koch Snowflake Christmas Scene

entertainment Jan 19, 2019

Solitaire card game

sport Jun 26, 2020

The private way to keep track of exercises.

utility Jul 16, 2021

One word at a time.

utility Jul 26, 2021

A remote terminal over SSH using Fyne.

utility Dec 10, 2020

Automatic subtitle downloader

productivity Apr 12, 2021

A task list app with color coding for time remaining

productivity Oct 25, 2021

An app to make a fast, searchable, in memory set of lists

games Feb 19, 2020

A simple tic-tac-toe game built using Fyne.

entertainment Mar 18, 2021

A DCC model train controller for your desktop and smart phone

education Dec 10, 2020

A vocabulary training assistant

utility Nov 9, 2020

Cross-platform application for easy encrypted sharing of files, folders, and text between devices.